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Impossible Theology

"This is a book that I believe should be read by every Christian..." full text...
Martin Emerson,
Light in the Darkness

"Mike Gascoigne's second book is a sound exploration of why the Christian faith is incompatible with, and diametrically opposed to, Darwin's Theory of Evolution." full text...
Helena Lehman, Pillar of Enoch.

Impossible Theology:
The Christian Evolutionist Dilemma

Mike Gascoigne

If there were millions of years of evolution, before the creation of Adam and Eve, what does the Bible mean when it says they would die as a consequence of eating the forbidden fruit? If they were already mortal, they would die anyway. How can we say that Christ gives us eternal life, and we will rise to immortality, if we were never immortal in the first place? This book attempts to restore the true Gospel, which teaches that Adam and Eve were created immortal, and the complete work of Christ is that we should live with him forever in a world where the pre-fall conditions have been fully restored.

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Authority of Men in the Home and in the Church. Traditionally, men have been regarded as the masters of their own homes, even when their interests are mainly outside of the home. In recent years, women have adopted an emancipated lifestyle which enables them to do everything that men can do. At the same time, they continue their traditional role as home-makers, using whatever resources are available in terms of childcare and nurseries. Their husbands are reduced to a state of uncertainty, not knowing what is expected of them, and the children are left to search for alternative father-figures among their peers, resulting in crime and disorder. Men have also been reduced to mere spectators in the church, so that they don't see much point going there. What does the Bible say about the role of men in the family and in the church?

Bible Codes. Yeshua Ha'Mashiach revealed in the Hebrew Tanakh using equidistant letter sequences.

Birth of Yeshua. At the Jewish festival of Succot (Tabernacles).

Book of Hebrews. Paul's letter to the Hebrews is primarily addressed to Jewish believers who were uncertain about the role of the sacrificial system. He argues that Yeshua the Messiah has offered himself as the once and for all perfect sacrifice for sin. The Levitical system of sin offerings is obsolete, and anyone who goes back to it has fallen into apostasy. He separated himself from such people because he wanted to maintain the purity of the faith among Jewish believers who were providing the foundational truths that would be preached to the Gentiles.

Christianity and Islam. Including links to other sites.

Christmas. The true meaning of this Pagan festival.

Chronology of the Early Church. Defines approximate dates for events in the book of Acts, to facilitate study of the life and times of the early church, and in particular to highlight the impact of the Judaising Controversy.

Conversions of Convenience. There is currently an argument going on in Israel (in June 1998) about Christian organisations who have supposedly abrogated the cause of evangelism of the Jews, in return for a withdrawal of political support for the anti-missionary bill. A document known as the "Understanding" is being circulated, which is viewed by some as a betrayal of the faith, when in in fact it only says that they do not support so-called "conversions of convenience".

Covenant of Circumcision. Should assimilated Jews be circumcised? Not unless they want to identify themselves with the Land of Israel and its people.

Creation Gospel. John's Gospel is a Midrash on Creation, comparing the life and person of Yeshua the Messiah with the first chapter of Genesis.

Creation Science. Creation is a science based on observable data. Evolution, in complete contrast, is a false religious faith with disastrous social consequences and no proof.

Creation Science Education in Britain. Although there is an abundance of resources for the study of Creation Science generally, the resources for use in schools are difficult to find, not because they don't exist, but because they have not been properly catalogued.

Did Noah Eat Pork? Among the Gentiles who observe the Noachide laws, there is the commonly held view that all meat is to be eaten, including meat which is forbidden to Jews, provided the blood is drained out. This is taken from the covenant that God made with Noah and is supported by the resolution to the Judaising Controversy. However, everything that is permitted is not necessarily in accordance with the perfect will of God, and there is reason to believe that the practice of abstinence from unclean meat pre-dates the law of Moses. The distinction between clean and unclean meat is an object lesson to show that the nature of God is to divide things, and will ultimately divide the righteous from the wicked at the Final Judgement.

Disciples called Christians in Antioch. But was it their idea?

The Elect Remnant of Israel. The Anti-Messianic Heresy. Some Christians, particularly in the Calvinist camp, believe that there is no Israel except for the "Israel of God" which is called the Church, and there are no Jews except the true Jews who are called Christians. In their view, the survival of the historic Jewish people and the establishment of the State of Israel is at best a political accident, and at worst a demonic end-time deception that will lead us into the "Jewish Roots Heresy". This article shows that it is, in fact, the opponents of so-called "Jewish Roots" who are creating a heresy. The systematic Christianisation of Jewish terms in the New Testament is a corruption of the Word of God, and has the familiar ring of that old trick of the serpent who tempted the woman with the words "Hath God said?".

European Union - The Road to Babylon. Breughel's painting of the Tower of Babel was used on a poster, published by the Council of Europe, to represent their own aspirations of European unity.

European Union - The Road to Rome. A review of British and European history since the Norman Conquest. If Britain joins a Federal Europe, with a single currency, we will eventually find ourselves in a position where we become the Northern Ireland of Europe (237K).

Hebrew: The Language of Eden. This article discusses the possibility that Hebrew might have been the original language of the world, before the dispersion from Babylon.

How Can There be Sin After Evolution?. If God created the world in its present state of corruption, subject to the relentless violence that is required by natural selection and survival of the fittest, why should we accept the blame for it? Why should we be accused of sin, and why do we need salvation?

How Jewish was the Early Church? Not at all like the mildly observant Messianic Jews of today, but more like the Chassidim.

Jesus at the Centre of History. After the Fall, things got worse and worse. Jesus came to turn history around, so that the end-time events resemble the events of the ancient world, but in reverse order. For believers, things get better and better, but for unbelievers, it continues to get worse and worse.

Justice and Mercy. The Divine Name appears in the Bible in various forms which have specific meanings. In particular "Elohim" (God) means "Justice" and "YHWH" (Lord) means "Mercy". When we say "Lord God" we are addressing the Merciful Judge. Other Names are "El Shaddai" (God Almighty) and "El Elyon" (Most High God).

King James Authorised Version. Why I think it's the best Bible, and I use it wherever possible on these pages.

Love Your Enemy. Yeshua was a pacifist, not as a matter of principle, but because his Father's will would be fulfilled in good time.

Only One Way. The current popularity of ecumenism and interfaith worship obscures the fact that the Bible is an exclusive book and teaches that there is only One True God, and only one way to worship the One True God. You cannot believe the Bible and at the same time support ecumenism and interfaith worship.

Passover in the New Testament. Not just "Old Testament dead works of the law".

Resurrection of Yeshua and Festivals of Firstfruits - Part I. A Biblical Overview. Yeshua was raised from the dead at the Festival of the Firstfruits of the Barley Harvest, not the "first day of the week" as suggested by many New Testament translations, even though it happened to be Sunday. The Church was born seven weeks later at the Festival of the Firstfruits of the Wheat Harvest, otherwise known as Pentecost.

Resurrection of Yeshua and Festivals of Firstfruits - Part II. A discussion of the Jewish Literature and the Greek New Testament in support of Part I.

Resurrection of Yeshua and Festivals of Firstfruits - Part III. A discussion, in support of Part II, giving a view of the censor's amendments to the Talmud which substitutes "Sadducees" for "Jewish-Christians".

Restoration and Desolation. The restoration of Israel coincides with the decline of the church in the affluent Western World as the "Time of the Gentiles" is fulfilled according to Luke 21:24.

Sabbath and Lord's Day. The early church observed two separate weekly festivals. Sabbath is the Festival of Creation and Lord's Day is the Festival of the Lord's resurrection.

The Samaritans. When God does something new, He remembers those left behind last time round. The current revival among the Jews is analogous to the revival among the Samaritans during the days of Yeshua.

Same Sex Marriage and the End of the World. The Jewish classical literature (Misrash Rabbah, Talmud, etc.) suggests that legalised same sex marriage is disastrous for the nations involved, and could lead to the end of the world.

Submission. What does the Bible teach about superiors and subordinates within the church?

Three Days and Three Nights. This article puts the case for the traditional view of the Friday crucifixion and the Sunday resurrection, and resolves the issue of the "three days and three nights" that Yeshua is supposed to have been in the grave. The early church related the passion week to the days of creation and they considered the resurrection to be on the "eighth day", representing the eighth millenium in which there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Sabbath and Lord's Day are two different days. Sabbath is a day of study and meditation, and Lord's Day is a celebration of the Lord's resurrection.

The Trinity. One God, Revealed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Torah. Should Christians observe it?

The Veggie Police. There's nothing wrong with being a vegetarian Christian, but watch out, you might get stalked by people who have an ulterior motive for an apparent theological exactitude that falls over like a house built on sand.

Virgin Birth, Jewish Adoption and Genealogy of Yeshua. A defence of the doctrine of the Virgin Birth of Yeshua, against the suggestion that "the seed of David according to the flesh" means Yeshua was genetically the son of Joseph. In the process of making this defence, I discovered that in the Bible there is no difference between genetic birth and adoption. This leads to a simple answer to a problem that has puzzled theologians for centuries. The two apparently conflicting genealogies of Yeshua in Matthew and Luke exist because, in Biblical genealogy, a person who is brought up in a family is considered to be "born" into that family.

Yeshua the Temple. Yeshua considered that he and his disciples were exempt from the half-shekel Temple tax because he was the Temple and his disciples were the new spiritual authority, but they paid the tax anyway to avoid offence. Yeshua is the Temple described at the end of the book of Revelation. There will also be a physical Temple of the Anti-Messiah, built by religious and political leaders with the assistance of the Freemasons.

Young People Aged 15-20. How do we avoid losing them?

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