Promotional Leaflets

The following leaflets are available for promotional purposes, to display on notice boards or hand out to your friends. They are all in Acrobat PDF format and require Acrobat Reader, available as a free download from Adobe Systems.

Leaflets are available in colour or black & white as appropriate, and in A4 or letter size for easy printing.

File sizes range between 250-350K.

  A4 Size Letter Size Comments
Forgotten History colour

black & white

black & white
The black & white version has been touched up for better contrast between text and background.
Impossible Theology colour colour  
Restoring Ethics colour colour  

Leaflets for Use in Churches

When churches order books, for use on their bookstalls, they like to order from a Christian distributor, for example a local Christian bookshop. This is because they know that there is a review process within the distribution system to ensure that all the books are suitable for use in churches. Otherwise, the church elders or the bookstall manager would have to review every book that arrives, and they don't have time.

Impossible Theology has passed through the review process and is considered to be suitable for use in churches. We have produced the following additional leaflets emphasising the availability of this book from Christian sources.

Impossible Theology UK (A4) USA (Letter)

Please contact us if you would like customised versions to be produced for any particular purpose.

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