Christianity and Islam

Why Do Muslims Persecute Other Religions? Because they can't bear to face up to their own problems.

Is there a problem with Islam? Politicians and media presenters are creating a distinction between ordinary peaceful Muslims and radical Islam. But have they got it right?

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Barnabas Fund. Serving the suffering church in the Muslim world.

Iranian Christians. The Iranian Church, both inside and outside Iran, has grown dramatically since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, in spite of persecution by Muslims.

Persecution of Christians in the Islamic World. Project Open Book.

Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights. An umbrella organisation representing minority and religious ethnic communities from around the world who are oppressed by a Radical Islamist-Jihad culture.

Gospel of Barnabas. This document (not to be confused with two earlier documents with similar names) is known to be a 14th century forgery, yet it continues to be widely distributed throughout the Islamic world as if it was a genuine early church document. It claims that Jesus never died, and instead Judas Iscariot was miraculously changed in both speech and appearance, so that he resembled Jesus and was crucified in his place. The story is in Chapters 215 - 222 (on a Muslim site).

Errors and Contradictions in the Qur'an. Muslims are always claiming that there are contradictions in the Bible, and Christians can usually answer them by explaining that they are not contradictions at all, but just misunderstandings of history and culture. This page gives a list of contradictions in the Qur'an, together with links to pages where Muslims try to explain some of them. The purpose of this page is not to try and disprove the Qur'an, but to show that both Christians and Muslims can play the same game.

The Debate Website Hyde Park Christian Fellowship. An informal network of Christian researchers in the UK, whose primary interest is the academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity.

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