Reviews by Martin Emerson

Light in the Darkness, Winter 2004 Catalogue

Forgotten History

Forgotten History of the Western People: From the Earliest Origins

Creation History is valid support to the Bible and Creation Science. Through the study of ancient history and similarity of various origins from different cultures Mike shows that there is only one true history and that is the History presented in Bible. Ancient records and stories show that we can trace our origins back to Noah and if we can do that then we validate the Bible as true and as the word of God. Mike also details early Christian History of the British Isles. A fascinating and valuable book, which I know Mike worked extremely hard on the research, his work is more than worth the price of this book!


Impossible Theology

Impossible Theology: The Christian Evolutionist Dilemma

Many Christians believe that Evolution is perfectly compatible with their Christian Faith, Mike shows why this thinking is wrong and how it undermines and makes a nonsense of the Gospel when truly it is evolution that is nonsense. Mike shows that he is not only a good historian and good scientist, but he is also a good Bible teacher and Theologian. Mike’s study of the True Gospel in his first chapter is excellent and shows beyond a doubt that it is impossible to believe in evolution and preach a sound Gospel message at the same time. And for those who want the Science, the Appendices that take up half the book have all the science needed to back up the Theology. This is a book that I believe should be read by every Christian, it is well worth the price.


Light in the Darkness