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Answers in Genesis

Publishers of Creation Magazine and TJ (Technical Journal).


Covering both sides of the debate about creation and evolution.

Biblical Creation Society

Biblical Creation Society.
A Christian society that advances and defends the Biblical teaching on creation.


Creationist group in Belgium.

Creation Resources Trust

Sharing the evidence for creation through videos, CDs, books, literature and seminars.

Ken Anderson's Bookshop

Ken Anderson's Bookshop.

Creation Science Movement

Restoring faith in the Bible and Science. Distributors of books and videos, and a large number of pamphlets covering specific aspects of Creation Science. Visit their exhibition, the Genesis Expo in Portsmouth, UK.

Creation Science Resource

Study Subjects - Noah's Ark and Earth History.

Evolution of Truth

The truth is unchanging, but our understanding of it is constantly evolving.

Free Apologetics and Biblical Courses

Download These Courses, Study Them To Your Satisfaction.

History Project

History Player and database tools for displaying historical events in chonological order.

Lambert Dolphin

Lambert Dolphin's Biblical and Creationist resources.

Manchester Ancient Egypt Society

Founded in 1987 and based at Manchester University.
See their review of my book.

Mountain View Community Christian Church

Mountain View Community Christian Church.
List of Creation websites.

Nothing New Press

Children's books and homeschooling resources.

Revolution Against Evolution

Revolution Against Evolution.
Answering tough questions about science and the Bible.


Stories and poems based on the ancient world,
and links to Ancient History and Technology.

Table of Nations and Origin of Races

Table of Nations and Origin of Races. Where did we come from? The answers have always been with us, as presented in the original Table of Nations. Once you have read what is presented here, you may not view any race of people the same way again.

This list has been compiled by Mike Gascoigne. Would you like an entry? Send us a mail message.

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