Creation History for Young People

There are no problems teaching Creation History to young people. All you have to do is make it interesting.

Against a background of dire warnings, that teenagers can't concentrate on anything for more than five minutes, I gave a talk to a youth group aged 14-18 at Frimley Baptist Church on Thursday 4th November 2004.

The prophets of doom turned out to be wrong, as I talked about the histories that have been deleted from the schoolbooks since the time of Darwin, the philosophy of science and how we interpret the natural world to get the results we want, and the deification of kings who became the gods of Greek mythology.

There was plenty to keep their attention, for example Hercules battling against the Hydra, representing the Messiah who bruises the serpent's head. Also we see him strangling the Nemean lion that can only be killed by the human hand (the sin of humanity), and he clothed himself with its skin just as Adam and Eve had to be clothed in the Garden of Eden. Then he goes off in search of the Apples of the Hesperides, representing the Tree of Life that could no longer be found after the Flood.

There were plenty of visual aids and I had no problems keeping their attention for 50 minutes, and they asked me lots of questions afterwards. I didn't sell any books because they don't bring money to that type of meeting, but one guy bought a copy of "Forgotten History" the following Sunday.

Tim at King John's Castle, Odiham
Tim at King John's Castle, Odiham

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Mike Gascoigne
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