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That's right, it looks like my book, but it isn't, it's a pamphlet from CSM describing some of the issues, and it was distributed to all members together with the Creation Journal in May 2003.

This pamplet (no. 346) is part of a collection covering a wide range of subjects. A new pamphlet is produced every two months and distributed with each new copy of the Journal. You can order the pamphlets you require, or the complete collection on CD-ROM, from the CSM website.

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Before the time of Darwin, it was commonplace for history books to start off with a few lines about creation, the flood, and the dispersal of the three sons of Noah and their descendants around the world - Shem to Asia, Ham to Africa, and Japheth to Europe. The histories of their early descendants were then related, and although they were sometimes mixed up with the gods of Greek mythology, they were nevertheless real people. Euhemerus, the Greek Mythographer of the late fourth / early third century BC, believed that all the gods were deified kings, and from his name we get the term "Euhemerism" which means relating mythology to real people and events. Out of the mythology we have the descent of kings who are more distinctly human, leading to the histories that are familiar to us today.

Evolution is currently in trouble, because the more we know about the complexity of life, and particulary of genetics and the living cell, the more difficult it becomes to argue that it all came about by chance, without the need for design. People have doubts about the science they have been taught and are turning to Creation Science.

Alongside Creation Science, we also have Creation History, which is an attempt to understand what our ancestors believed about the ancient world, and recover the early histories that have been relegated to obscurity since the time of Darwin.

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